Become the most successful businessmen of your region

Conquer the best locations in your region and become the most successful businessman.

With ®CityProGame you’ll be able to discover the business skills in you.


Do you know how to negotiate?

How to choose wisely

and recognize the best locations?


With 4 other fellow businessmen you will set out on a mission to capitalize your local region’s centers.

Local and international top brands

Local and international top brands

With ®CityProGame you’ll be able to play with local and international top brands and build offices for those companies in your region.

How to play the game

You start with a color, and will start with a set of businesses corresponding with your color. The first to find 5 companies in the deck of cards begins.

Throw the dice and move your counter on the board. Where your counter crosses with the squares on the board, you can place a piece of your company. Piece by piece you’ll be building your company on the board. Each company is sliced in 4 pieces.

As the game progresses, you’ll have to negotiate to put the 4 pieces of your company together. You’ll negotiate with your fellow businessmen to get the best deals.

Your mission is to build your companies as close as possible to the regions center.

Play in these cities






And more to come!

Game play

2 - 0






0 -colored






Do you accept the challenge and put your entrepreneurial spirit to the test?

Are you the next business-tycoon of your region?

Enjoy yourselves and good luck!

The best A-Class quality board game in the market

Only the best materials are used to produce ®CityProGame. We collaborate with one of the best facilities in the market to invent new methods and processes to deliver the best value for money. With our effort we have been able to create a better quality board game than mainstream games like Monopoly. It’s a pleasure to feel and hold in your hands, and will look amazing when placed in your living room.

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