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converting virtual games will now be produced in board games

The next generation board game!

Improve your brand’s presence and image with a new, innovative and high-quality board game.

In this new over-crowded market where all marketers are looking for the same customer’s attention, you can be one of the exclusive few that stand out.

By presenting yourself on this board game, players will be able to interact with your brand, your logo, and learn about your company, for an unprecedented low price-per-interaction.

Claim your category, exclusively

Each local region has it’s own set of branches that make the local economy work. The local barber is known for his hair cutting abilities and the local restaurants for his grandiose menu. Will your company be selected as the leader for it’s own category?


We have limited categories and for each category of business will only adopt 1 company brand. This offers an interesting playing field for the players to focus on their own niche markets while conquering their city. Also, it’s even more exclusive for your company to be present on the game, your brand will be recognized when recalling a category. Do you want players to call your brand name when building the next ‘shopping mall’ or ‘car producer factory’ on the board?

The numbers speak for itself

Investing in this boardgame is one of the best and cost effective ways for your company to generate brand presence. As marketers and businessmen ourselves, we know how important it is to generate exposure for your brand. Therefore we have a scientific research paper that can prove with hard facts that our game has a remarkable value for money proposition.


See below a calculation of advertising your company on our game vs advertising with a TV-ad.

CityProGame Example Zürich

Reach / Interacitons Minimum of 3000 Games in circulation in each region
3000 x 4 players (average) = 8000 plays
8000 x 4,2 times played* (average) = 50,400 times played with the participants logo
Added benefits
  1. The game is a physical high-quality product, which can be hold, presented and given as gift. The high-quality materials make it a pleasure to play with.
  2. The nature of a game is that it’s played multiple times over a timeframe, making it more valuable because it sticks around longer in the memories of the players.
  3. You know exactly how many games are sold and distributed.
  4. The game is always physically present in your customer’s house.
  5. We offer the services to design your logo on the game for you.
  6. The game is interactive.

Other benefits when your company is on the board game

  • Even when setting up the board-game, the players will interact with your brand because they need to search and find the parts to put your company’s logo together in order to place your company on the board.
  • The game is a classic relational gift to your business partners or employees. The high quality materials will leave a luxurious and impressing impact for your brand.
  • It’s a different way to advertise your brand. You’ll stand out from your competitors because you’ll be the only one recognized within a specific category in a specific region, in real life and on the board game.
  • The game will be distributed to tourist offices (VVV) which means that many tourists will see the board game in the store, and even if they don’t buy it, will see your brand on the outside printing of the box.
  • We offer innovative ways of advertising on the game. By using social media, email marketing, physical locations and an innovative game-play with qr-codes on the board (with future online gaming possibilities), we’ll make sure that the game reaches the modern digital consumers of today.
  • The game is a timeless, physical, interactive and high-quality product as well as a classic relationship gift. Your one time investment will leave an impact for many years to come! We will release a new version of the game every 5 years, but be assured that with the high-quality materials that we are using, each production run can last for a lifetime.
  • The game also has an educational value since the players will be interacting with a geographical region, and also learn about a region’s landmarks while playing.
  • Even while forming the 5 company trademarks at the start of the game, the users will be interacting with your brand. They will be searching for pieces of your trademark on in the board-game box.

Effortless collaboration

Our team of game-experts, customer-researchers and marketers have collaborated to invent this brilliant game that plays into the player’s psychological ambitions to become a successful businessman. We have also collaborated with the best partners in the market to design, produce and distribute this amazing game. With our experienced team we can put your brand into many players hands in many homes in your region. A remarkable exposure method.


Having laid a fundament of skills how to produce high quality brand image results, we are proud to pronounce that we are continuing our journey and will be releasing a new version of the game to many new regions in the world!

SUMMARY Key points regarding business game

The one-time participation fee of CHF 12.000 is valid for five years. This means that your company exclusively participates for the Canton of Zürich for three years, alongside 19 other firms and organizations or associations. At the end of this period, a new game (with new participants) may be launched.


The circulation of this high-quality game is somewhere between 3,000 to 5,000 items in each region (the Canton of Zürich in this case).

The game involves 50,000 advertising contacts. Throughout the game, these contacts discuss and engage with their brand as well as the brands of the 19 other participants, thereby increasing the advertising impact. The cost per advertising contact is a merely 0,24 cents! (CHF 12.000 /50000 contacts = 0,24)


Numerical statistics on advertising contacts: The minimum circulation of 3,000 games in each region, each with four team players, is based on the assumption that each game lasts five years, with 50,000 contacts at an average playing frequency of 4.2. Of course, a higher game circulation or higher playing frequency will increase the advertising impact. The participation fee includes 100 free games.

The game will be sold via department stores and in public spaces, such as tourist information centres. The game will be advertised in the press and on social media.

We hope that this has provided a good impression of the business game and its marketing impact. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The best A-Class quality board game in the market

Only the best materials are used to produce CityProGame. We collaborate with one of the best facilities in the market to invent new methods and processes to deliver the best value for money. With our effort we have been able to create a better quality board game than mainstream games like Monopoly. It’s a pleasure to feel and hold in your hands, and will look amazing when placed in your living room.

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